Olga Alexandrova
Olga Alexandrova

WOLF-MAN from Finnskogen

Вырезанные картинки скрипач

“WOLF-MAN from Finnskogen”

(The wolf-man who raised up into heaven).

It was a man, he was from Purala and the lappi people (saami people) maid magic with him, so he became a wolf and he had to run as wolf in five years. When he finished to be wolf he decided himself to travel on the water, and he was rowing seven weeks. A bird, a pigeon followed him and gave him food. He was rowing a float so long until the earth and heaven had meet. Then he had raise up in the heaven. But he didn’t come higher up then to the cloud heaven. But then Vainainen (Vainamoinen or a female god Vain) came and helped him up in the star heaven.

He was there until Ukko (God of heaven) was made seven golden cradles (seven golden bows on the heaven?) and then he (the wolf-man) went down to the earth (on one of the gold-bow).

In the end of the bow, on the earth, he mat a woman, her name was Lotta. She was spinning different colors to the golden bow, to give it more colors. And the pigeon, the bird left him when he came down to the earth, before it had brought food for him. If not he would have died of hunger After that, he came to the earth he lived many years here and died in Ratsjoberg. Now it is 28 years since he died.
- Did you know him? The story-collector asked Kaisa.
Yes, when he walked around as man but not when he had run around likes a wolf. His name was Johan Henriksson.

Susi – the rune song about the birth of wolf for protection against wolf. (Susi is a calling name for wolf. in the tradition you could not call a wolf a wolf, It was dangerous. They found other names, and Susi is a name like that).

Dear Arnica, susi-mother!
The puppet was growing in the darkness of your womb
The dog was hanging under the milt.
I hear honey rain fell from the clouds
They dropped down from the roof of heaven silver fallВырезанные картинки гусли
And tin nails through the moon, through the sun,
Through Suojattars heart. Fasten your dog.
Spring - Yrjo iron bit and iron harness
Close the mouth, the barking-gap stick a stick
In the tongue hide the nails in the fur.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.
Suojatar is the name of an evil demon. Yrjo is St. George
WOLF-MAN. poster
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